New Patient Information

If you are new to the Farmington area or have lived here for years, welcome to Art Dental Center! You can trust that we’ll always have exactly what your family’s smiles need. On this page, you’ll find all the basic information you need to know before scheduling your first appointment.

Preparing for Your First Visit at Art Dental Center

When you visit our convenient location, you’ll always be greeted with a smile from our friendly staff. We’ll give you a brief tour of the office, and then you’ll get to meet Doctor Nastasa.

Next, we’ll take some x-rays and other images of your mouth and perform a thorough oral exam. With this, we’ll be able to provide an explanation of the current state of your dental health and then we’ll discuss your possible treatment options with you.

Dental Insurance Accepted

We believe dental care should be affordable to all families, which is why we are happy to accept a long list of dental insurance plans from a variety of providers. When you use your dental insurance with us, we’ll make it as easy as possible to use your benefits. We’ll file the claim, handle the paperwork, and work directly with your provider to maximize your coverage. Just be sure to bring your insurance ID card when you come to see us!

No Insurance? Join Our Discount Plan

If you currently do not have insurance, don’t worry, you can still save on your dental care with us.

For just $199 A YEAR:
• You’ll be covered for 2 exams
• 1 basic cleaning
• 20% discounts on both restorative and cosmetic procedures.

With our plan, you can easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on your dental care WITHOUT having to deal with an insurance company. To sign up for our plan, please contact us today.

Medicaid Accepted

We are happy to accept Medicaid as well. Using your benefits with Medicaid can be a very confusing process, but our team of insurance experts will make it as simple as possible. To learn how we can use your Medicaid to help you save on your dental care, contact us today.

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Our Customers
Say it All


“Dr. Nastasa and her entire staff are extremely professional. They also provide a very warm atmosphere to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the process.” ~ Ana

“I’ve never liked my teeth. I was embarrassed to smile and was financially unable to fix my problem. I’ve gone through so many things, and by changing my smile, the doctors and staff at Art Dental Center changed my life.”  ~ Mike

“Dr. Nastasa is warm and professional. She has top-notch dental equipment in her office and she offers the latest techniques in dentistry which lessens the pain for her patients. Thank you!” ~ Nancy


“I am so pleased with the outcome related to the dental work I received at Art Dental Center. The friendly, dedicated, and professional staff made each visit a pleasure. I look forward to future appointments with Art Dental Center to service my needs.” ~ Diana